How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

A unique way to make money on the internet has come to the fore and that is by selling feet pics.

When you have heard that selling feet pictures online, you must have found it strange but it is true that many people are earning money from it.

Selling photos of feet is a profitable business, but it can also be risky. Some people who sell photos of their feet online have had their photos stolen or have not been paid fairly for their content.

So you should use the right website for your content. Scammers and fraudsters are looking to take advantage of sellers who sell feet pics.

You have been guided below to sell feet pics without scams, so read the information completely and follow it.

How to sell feet pics without getting scammed

How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

Selling feet pics online is becoming a popular way to make extra income. When selling your feet pics, it’s important to follow security checks and procedures to protect yourself from scammers. Follow these tips to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

  • Only Use Legitimate Websites

When you find the right selling platform, you can sell feet pics without cheating.

You should never sell photos of your feet on an unverified website that offers very little security.

You should choose a website that is made only for selling feet pics or videos and where you can offer your feet pictures for sale.

One of the reputable and trusted sites for selling feet pics is FeetFinder.

FeetFinder also verifies the identity of both buyer and seller to give you safe transactions and avoid fraudsters and provides a secure payment system.

  • Don’t Use Your Real Name:-

When you create your account on any trusted site you should not use your real name because scammers do not know you and they cannot steal your identity because of not having a real name.

Although you must use your real name when registering on the website, you must always sell under a nickname or username thereafter.

  • Watermark Your Pics:-

Some scammers specialize in downloading, reproducing, and reselling content like your feet, pics, and videos and this happens if you don’t watermark your pics.

There are some websites that blur your pictures so that buyers can get an idea of your content before buying what type of content they are buying.
Keep in mind that your watermark should be small, light, and subtle.

  • Use a Secure Internet Connection

Using a secure internet connection will be an important choice of security for you.

To stay safe in this niche market, using a secure internet connection is not only advisable, but necessary. A secure Internet connection means avoiding public Wi-Fi or unsecured networks.

If you do, it will be easier for a scammer to access your pictures, your account, or anything else on your phone or laptop.

You should always give priority to safety in order to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

  • Use Secure Payment methods

An important aspect of learning how to sell feet pics without getting scams is understanding secure payment methods.

Get connected to well-known payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, or the inbuilt payment system on the platform you are using.

Avoid direct bank transfers or other less secure methods of payment. If the buyer is not ready to pay using your preferred methods, then you must avoid it.

  • Get Paid Before Sending Pics 

One of the most important tips on how to sell foot pics without getting scams is to get paid before sending your foot photos because the buyer will receive foot material and never pay.

Get paid for it first and only then send pics. When a customer comes to you and says that he will pay after sending the picture, then it is a danger for you, avoid it.

This may sound simple but is an important step to prevent scams.

  • Avoid the Use of Gift Cards as a Form of Payment

One of the key steps to selling feet pics without getting scammed is to avoid using gift cards as payment.

The scammers ask for your photos, offer a gift card as payment, and once you ship the item they will either disappear or send you a blank gift card.

That’s why you should protect yourself by sticking to safe and reliable payment methods like PayPal, Venmo, or bank transfers.

  • Use a VPN

Use a VPN when selling feet pics without getting scammed. VPN is a secure way to search, upload, and sell feet pics without getting scammed.

One way for hackers to access your sensitive data and information is by finding your IP address and location and using advanced software to decode the encrypted data that you use to make it harder for your information to be accessed using VPN.

  • Never Show Your Face in Your Photos

Don’t show your face to sell feet pics without getting scammed. Hiding faces in your feet pics helps protect your privacy.

Your feet are the stars here, so when selling feet pictures online, don’t show your face because it lets scammers know who you are.

  • Set Boundaries

Set your own limits for selling feet pics without getting scams. Whatever platform you’re using, the limits are the Community Guidelines.

In addition to your payment structure and transaction method in these limits, you need to set up personal limits as well. You can avoid negative interactions by setting boundaries.

You have to be clear and consistent about your limits. Some vendors may feel bad about setting hard limits but it can be great for your business.


Selling feet pictures online is a very easy task, but it is most important for you to sell feet pics without getting scammed, which you have been told in the steps above.

If you pay attention to all these things and follow them, then you can earn money by selling feet pics.

Prioritize your safety and avoid scammers. Use a reputable apps like FeetFinder where your safety is a priority.

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